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Spectacular gift ideas for engagement

Diamonds have been around for thousands of years and along the human history, there have been a lot of stories and legends that have been revolving around them. It is a very famous piece of jewelry that has been found in the past to be a part of the jewelry sets of royalties and rich people. But it wasn’t only found in rich people or royalties.

Diamonds, because of their unique durability and properties, were also used in certain religious ceremonies and thus they got to be very famous all around the world. The ones who were wearing diamonds in the past were mostly females, but in today’s society, diamonds are not that rare any longer and you could practically buy as many as you want, if you have enough money, for they are the perfect engagement party gifts.

But nowadays, diamonds are just a sign of plenitude and the people who have diamond rings or necklaces, are only superstars, movie stars and generally people who have a lot of money. The diamond that we will be talking about today, has a GIA certification and when it comes to the number of carats it boasts with, they are stacked at 5.51. When it comes to its cut, it is a fair cut. This diamond has a very good light reflection capability and when it comes to its price stacked next to a good cut diamond, it is much lower.

Needless to say, this is an amazing diamond and the difference in price from a diamond with a good cut is over three hundred thousand dollars, which is as much as a good Ferrari. When it comes to the diamond’s color, it is a D grade, ranking as one of the best colors you could ever find in a diamond. You will see that you will never have any problems with seeing all of the spectral colors with this diamond. Such a piece of jewelry is very hard to find on the market today.

The clarity of the diamond is IF which means internally flawless and this means that if you will subject the diamond to a ten power magnifications, you will see no inclusions. So if you have enough money in order to buy a king emerald, you will certainly be making your loved one happy with this amazing Christmas gift.

It is a diamond that is very much not like any other piece of jewelry you could buy from the market today and buying it for the woman you love, you will certainly bring your relationship to a new level with such wonderful gift ideas. Because this is a unique piece of jewelry means that there will be only few people who will afford it, but still, enough to pose some good competition. That is why you should buy it first, if you want to make your loved one the happiest girl in the world. Remember that diamonds are also very unique Gift Ideas for men, so don’t think that women are the only ones fit to benefit from them.


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